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"Keep Calm and Grow Vegetables"

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Due to popularity and the limited number of plots the waiting list is currently closed to new applicants.  We apologise for the frustration this may cause.


The Committee


VAHA History

The association was formally created in June 2009 in direct response to the Verwood Amenities committee reporting that there was no local allotment Association.

In September 2013 VAHA was delighted to sign a contract with Verwood Town Council, allowing the association to establish an allotment site in Verwood.  Please see photo of how our site has developed from a field over-run with rabbits, to what has become an established allotment site.

Wild Berries

Wildlife Hedge

In 2017 we planted a native wildlife friendly hedgerow along the boundary of the allotment plots.  A mixed variety of bird friendly berries were selected including:

Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Field Maple, Alder,

Wild Privet, Wild Cherry, Bird Cherry, Guelder Rose,

Spindle and Juneberry

The hedge has established really well and has been trimmed back to encourage thickening.  This spring should bring a profusion of berries and encourage a wide variety of wildlife to the site.


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VAHA is a member of NSALG 


Verwood and Three Legged Cross Allotment Holders Association

A Bit About Us

Since our founding in 2009 the VAHA allotments have matured into an established allotment garden with 34 half plots, some further subdivided into quarter and eighth plots.  A variety of crops are grown from mixed vegetables to fruit trees, berries and flowers.  We have an active committee who meet regularly to schedule maintenance, make improvements to the site and organise events.

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