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Verwood & Three Legged Cross Allotment Holders Association (VAHA)

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Welcome to the Verwood and Three Legged Cross Allotment Holders Association

Formed in mid 2009, VAHA was initially set up to work with various stakeholders to create allotments in the Parish of Verwood and Three Legged Cross.  Land has since been made available by Verwood Town Council.  VAHA has worked on the development of the site, so that allotment gardening can be enjoyed by people living within the parish.  


VAHA, which is a Mutual Association,  is responsible for the day to day running of the site.  The aim is that all members, whether old, young, experienced, or new to gardening  can enjoy working on the site and benefit from the produce they grow.

The Committee

The committee meet on a roughly monthly basis with members meetings annually.


VAHA is a member of NSALG .